Silver 925 Lobster Clasp - CLASP02 (Pk of 12)


Size: 8MM
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Wholesale Sterling Silver 925 Lobster Clasp

Sold in Pack of 12

The Silver 925 Lobster Clasp (CLASP02-8MM) is a type of jewelry fastener that is typically made from 925 sterling silver and is shaped like a lobster. It is 8mm in size, which is considered a medium size. The lobster clasp is a popular choice for jewelry-making because it is easy to open and close and provides a secure hold. It is commonly used in necklaces, bracelets, and other types of jewelry that require a fastener.

Size Weight
8MM 3.3 grams
9MM 5.5 grams
11MM 7.7 grams
13MM 10.8 grams
16MM 17.6 grams
18MM 30.4 grams